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Carlos DaSilva is a dynamic and innovative keynote speaker and trainer who can deliver a powerful message of change to your customers, your company and your industry. Here is what you can expect when you work with Carlos for your next event: 

  1. Tailored Research
    Drawing on his rigorous research and experience advising over 100 fast growing start-up companies, Carlos will take a deep dive into your industry and identify the specific trends driving change for you and your customers.

  2. Next Actions
    It is not about what others are doing, it is about what will you do next. After each presentation, Carlos may offer audiences a PDF summary filled with practical recommendations and simple steps to immediately take action on the insights discussed.

  3. Big Questions
    Big questions are provocative, challenging questions designed to prompt further discussion and reflection. Carlos shares a number of these for attendees to take back to their teams to drive change. 

  4. Engaging
    Expect thought-provoking cases and strong practical  takeaways delivered in an interactive session aimed at shaping in you a different mindset.

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