From the impact of technology on leadership to the megatrends driving innovation, Carlos DaSilva's keynotes are a blend of provocative questions and case studies. Explore the topic outlines on leadership and transformation below as a starting point, and then ask how Carlos can personalize a presentation specifically for your audience. 

Executive Leadership Keynote:

Leap Thinking: The Hallmark of Innovative Business Decision Making

“It’s not where you take things from, it’s where you take them to.”

 — Jean-Luc Godard 


In search of innovative practices to apply in our own companies, we often try to emulate what effective leaders do. Dr. Carlos DaSilva says this principle is flawed, because innovative solutions that work in one context may make little sense in another.

A more productive, yet more difficult, approach is to look at how such leaders think. After extensive research, the author discovered that most are leap thinkers—that is, they can hold in their heads several contrasting solutions from different contexts at once, and then come up with a custom parallel solution that contains elements of each but is superior to all. 

In this session, audiences will learn:

•    Why data-driven approaches may be detrimental to innovation

•    How to code your subconscious mind to recognize meaningful trends

•    The mental process of contrasting several solutions at once

•    How to make the leap from the old to the new

Executive Leadership Keynote:

Are you ready to survive and dictate the business models of tomorrow? 

The ability to develop innovative business models is a core requirement for entrepreneurs to remain competitive in today's global economy. However, very few understand the creative process associated with business model redesign. 

In this inspiring keynote, audiences will discover the process of business model innovation grounded on the latest management research, and gain practical insights and ideas on how you can leverage the elements of creativity to complement, improve or radically innovate their company`s business models. 

Audiences will walk away with an insight into the companies, technologies, megatrends and global forces shaping the business models of tomorrow, as well as a set of tailored next actions on how to recognize relevant patterns of innovation, redesign their business models, re-imagine their roles and reinvent the way they make decisions.

In this session, audiences will learn:

•    What are the elements of creativity responsible for business model innovation

•    What are the megatrends shaping the future of business models and consumer behaviour

•    Lessons learned from successful business model innovators on leveraging disruptive innovation for growth

Workshop Series 

What´s Next? Entrepreneurial Life After and Exit

The entrepreneurship journey is filled with compromises, hard work and dedication that some entrepreneurs believe come to fruition upon a successful exit. However, very few understand the emotional impact associated with selling what you have worked so hard to build.


In this reflective session, Dr. Carlos DaSilva uncovers insights from his latest research on entrepreneurs´ experiences, struggles and emotional battles associated with re-inventing themselves after an exit.


The Hallmark of Innovative Business Decision Making: Leap Thinking

Your customers` behavior are changing. Your competitors are acquiring new resources and you wonder why. Your employees are evolving and unsure about the future. Without a plan for innovation, your business is living on borrowed time. In his research on Leap Thinking, Dr. Carlos DaSilva has identified 3 drivers of successful innovation decision making. 


BUBBLING          |         INFERRING         |         LEAP


The world’s most innovative Executives and Entrepreneurs don’t let innovation happen by chance, they code their subconscious mind for success. To keep pace with rapid business change, 21st century managers need to pre-program themselves to recognize opportunities when they see one. 

  • How to boost your subconscious intuition levels

  • How to unleash your cognitive power

  • How the process of "bubbling" makes you a better thinker

"Before you are able to connect the dots,

you must first be able to see them."


"You’ve made me a lot of very welcome homework! Thank you for this incredible session. You kept my attention all the time with no little loss. Great go on! This was the best session for me during the whole conference but with strong competition on the side!! Outstanding and very motivational!!!

Georg Diener, Invisia AG