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Delivered keynote presentations in over 20 countries around the world, Carlos´ energizing keynote sessions are rich on practical takeaways audiences can start using immediately. Grounded on the latest research, you will gain actionable insights and ideas on how to complement, improve or radically innovate your decision making process and leadership capabilities.


How great leaders think to accelerate progress and generate breakthoughs 



How great leaders think to accelerate progress and

generate breakthough ideas

In search of innovative practices to apply in our personal lives, business and communities, we often try to emulate what effective leaders do. Carlos argues this principle is flawed, because innovative solutions that work in one context may make little sense in another. A more productive approach is to look at how such leaders think. In this practical and entertaining talk Carlos DaSilva will change the way you think about intuitive thinking and innovation, giving you new practical frameworks that you can use to generate breakthrough ideas and progress.

Why we are wrong about innovation and how we can fix it

How to stop copying your competition and generate breakthrough innovations

How leap thinking techniques can be used to change your mindset and not just generate new ideas



How successful entrepreneurs and their families prepare for life after selling their business by mastering the art of self-reinvention

The entrepreneurship journey is filled with family compromises, hard work and total dedication that some believe come to an end upon selling their business. However, very few understand the struggles and emotional battles associated with adjusting to a new reality. In this practical and research-based talk, Carlos DaSilva will make you question your assumptions on life after an exit, giving you tools and frameworks to prepare yourself before, during and after this important moment of self-reinvention.


Why we are wrong about the romantic idea of selling our business and how to fix it

How to align your life and family with your purpose and your true self before it is too late

A framework for effective design of your life before, during and after an exit



“Thank you for this incredible session. You kept my attention all the time with no little loss. This was the best session for me during the whole conference with strong competition on the side!!”

Georg Diener

CEO of Invisia AG

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