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"You’ve made me a lot of very welcome homework! Thank you for this incredible session. You kept my attention all the time with no little loss. Great go on! This was the best session for me during the whole conference but with strong competition on the side!! Outstanding and very motivational!!!"

​- Georg Diener, CEO of Invisia AG


"The only speaker who made me think about how I could change and innovate my business.  Got us to interact with one another.  Rather than throwing out a lot of different ideas and clichés, he stuck to one theme and drove it home in a variety of ways with real-world examples."


"Carlos did a good job of reminding us to not have to reinvent the wheel wen it comes to business strategy."

 - Beshad Zomorodi, CEO of Phamax 

"Carlos is a very skilled trainer, know his subject perfectly and gives it in a very captive manner. He is probably one of the best speakers I have ever listened to. Carlos also brings a lot of real life experience, sharing own experiences gives him a lot of credibility and executives can relate to the given examples. Hence his class is an excellent mixture of theory and real live examples which are combined with didactical practice."

- Marc Gilomen, Head of Logistics at Swatch

"Having experienced numerous approaches to teaching young professionals and executives first hand, it is with this experience in mind that I can firmly say that Carlos is one of the best professionals in his field." 

- Pascal Gurtner, Head of Innovation at Helvetia Switzerland

"There is a lot to say in this part, but the way Professor Carlos binds up the professional real life examples with the course material was excellent. The energy he brought up was exceptional."

- Business School Lausanne Executive MBA Program 2021

"The real life experiences and stories that Carlos was able to share. The course material was up to date, tailored and examples were made relevant for the class. I really appreciated Professor Da Silva’s energy, diligence and knowledge. The class was very professionally run and it was an all around engaging and enjoyable experience."

- Business School Lausanne Executive MBA Program 2022

"Excellent! I gained new knowledge even though I have heard a lot about the topic before.The way of presenting the topic - practical examples. Great lecturer!"

- Trigalv Insuretech Adriatic Group

"It was a really good session to get introduced to the various way of getting financing. The case study was a great idea, and helped to think and understand what are the different options as a company when facing potential investors."


"Le sujet est pour moi complétement nouveau et Carlos a une manière d'enseigner des plus inspirante et innovante. Les 3 demi-journées avec lui ont été un régal et je me réjouis de le revoir dans 2 semaines pour la suite. Je me permets ce petit message, car l'être humain a tendance a oublié de donner du feedback positif et de la reconnaissance."
- Frederic Bracher, Head of Corporate Operation HR at SwissCom Switzerland



Whether you’re seeking a keynote speaker for a conference, a facilitator for a strategy workshop or a fresh perspective for a boardroom discussion, Carlos's presentations act as a powerful catalyst for innovation, ingenuity and inspiration.

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