Carlos DaSilva is a keynote speaker and an Executive MBA Professor.
He shapes leader´s innovation decision making through Leap Thinking.


Carlos DaSilva is the CEO of Spark, a global consultancy on focused on changing how leaders thinking about innovative decision making. He has spent over a decade studying and disseminating how innovative business leaders thinks, from Ph.D. studies at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles to executive training programs and talks presented to audiences from New York to Paris, Geneva to Kyoto, Taipei to Sydney. 

Before the age of 30, Carlos co-founded a NGO, experienced from the inside a start-up scaling and exit, concluded his Doctorate on Innovation with honors, published his first book and lectured on strategy at top tier U.S. Universities. Back to Europe, he became the Managing Director of the Silicon Valley based Technology Start-up Accelerator the Founder Institute, and has accelerated on a one-on-one basis over 100 entrepreneurs in Lisbon.


Today he advises some of the Europe`s most innovative companies, offers customized Executive Training programs, supports the Swiss National Innovation Agency “INNOSUISSE” as lead trainer and is recognized as international Keynote Speaker on the topic of Leadership & Innovation.




Rather than focusing  on clichés and stories that have been told and re-told, Carlos builds his own cases. By taking a rigours scientific approach, he engages in the field in order to bring out the latest insights on management and innovation.  A prolific writer and thought leader, Carlos’s research has been featured  at some of the most prestigious management conferences, scientific journals and in a wide range of international publications on innovation.



Carlos travels over 180 days a year worldwide: researching trends, collecting case studies and presenting the result of his research to practitioners and thought leaders from around the world.


Carlos has delivered keynote presentations on innovation around the world . His energizing keynotes and training sessions are rich on practical takeaways audiences can start using immediately to improve their business. Grounded on the latest management research, you will gain actionable insights and ideas on how to complement, improve or radically innovate your decision making process and leadership capabilities.

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Whether you’re seeking a keynote speaker for a conference, a facilitator for a strategy workshop or a fresh perspective for a boardroom discussion, Carlos's presentations act as a powerful catalyst for innovation, ingenuity and inspiration.

"You’ve made me a lot of very welcome homework! Thank you for this incredible session. You kept my attention all the time with no little loss. Great go on! This was the best session for me during the whole conference but with strong competition on the side!! Outstanding and very motivational!!!

Georg Diener, Invisia AG