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Carlos DaSilva has helped numerous firms, from small businesses to large corporations, develop their leadership.


As a leadership coach, Carlos provides detailed analysis and guidance for organizations who want to grow their leadership.



Leadership Coaching Engagement

Carlos DaSilva offers tailored coaching for Executive Teams up to 10 members, over the course of a 12 months engagement. Research reveals that focused feedback and follow-up can increase leadership and customer service effectiveness. A parallel approach to team building has been shown to help leaders build teamwork without wasting time. While the approach described sounds simple, it is not be easy. It will require that team members have the courage to ask for input and suggestions regularly and the discipline to develop a behavioral change strategy to follow up, and to “stick with it.”

To implement the following team-building process successfully, the leader will need to assume the role of coach or facilitator and fight the urge to be the “boss” of the project. Greater improvement in teamwork will generally occur if the team members develop their own behavioral change strategy rather than if the leader develops the strategy and imposes it on the team.This process works, as it encourages participants to focus on self-improvement.


Many team-building processes degenerate because team members are primarily focused on solving someone else’s problems. This process works because it encourages team members to focus primarily on solving their own problems with spillover effects for the whole organization.

Leading High Performance Teams Workshop

Carlos DaSilva runs a successful Executive MBA program for years. He has been teaching at the Executive level for over a decade spanning well over 1000 executives.

As a leadership coach, Carlos organizes 3-day Executive workshops on “Leading High-Performance Teams”. This workshop has been recurrently ranked as the best leadership training workshop in the program.

In this workshop, Carlos will make sure you:


  • Facilitate effective group processes that contribute to team effectiveness

  • Improve their communication skills and engage in high quality conversations

  • Manage conflict effectively

  • Learn how to give proper feedback

  • Learn to establish continuous improvement mechanisms

  • Learn how to coach subordinates the right way

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