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The approach I use is unique to executive coaching as it Guarantees Measurable Leadership Growth and therewith differentiates itself from most other coaching methodologies. This 12 months process includes:

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Define Leadership Goals that are Important to the Leader

and the Organization.

One of the core tenets of my leadership coaching methodology is that leaders are more successful when they choose what to work on to improve. I facilitate the leader conducting a cost/benefit analysis that helps evaluate if it is “worth it” to proceed. Once a goal is selected, the leader identifies stakeholders who are relevant because they both are affected by the leader’s behavior and are clear beneficiaries of the leader’s performance. The leader’s manager or board approves the development goal and list of stakeholders before the process proceeds.

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Pay For Performance Guarantee

Leadership coaching is a high-rewards, high-investment endeavor. With so much at stake, it can be hard to trust a process you haven’t seen. I know the coaching process works, so I put my money where my mouth is. My coaching fees are subject to measurable leadership growth. If your leader(s) don’t improve, you don’t pay me.
It’s that simple.100% money back guaranteed.


My Measurable Approach to Coaching 

  • Measurable leadership growth throughout the process.

  • Pay only If agreed growth are achieved by the leader – model is client-centric not coach centric.

  • Leader engages a broad range of stakeholders including bosses, coworkers, and employees. The process inherently creates a culture of change and trust across the team.

  • Leads to concrete support and acknowledgement of changes by stakeholders from the organization.

  • My coaching intake assessment involves me meeting personally with each of the leader's stakeholders to truly understand the individual via structured behavioural interviews that I then summarized in a highly personalized report.

  • The Process focus on sustainability in behavioral shifts by repeating actions confirmed by stakeholders that form habits, these habits with in 6-12 months form new behaviors that are sustained and are reinforced by new perceptions acknowledged by on the job.

Traditional Approach to Coaching

  • Traditional coaching does not measure or report on outcomes (organization cannot be sure if objectives were achieved).

  • Traditional coaching is billed based on time spent with the client or on the exercises completed - not on outcomes achieved {resulting in sponsor potentially paying for the wrong thing.

  • Traditional coaching is solely focused on the 1:1 relationship with the client and coach who meet at a set frequency.

  • Traditional coaching is typically done in secrecy, other than the sponsor no one may know of the coaching relationship.

  • Traditional coaching typically uses web based 'off the shelf' 360 assessments or personality tests only, to determine focus of coaching.

  • Most traditional coaches do not leave any process for the client to share or repeat - it is based more an inquiry process and focus on the moment: “how can we best make use of this time today?” without necessarily driving to specific and outcomes and hence little to no ROI.

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“Successful people become great leaders when they learn to  shift the focus from themselves to others.”

Marshall Goldsmith

# 1 leadership thinker in the world by Thinkers50 and Harvard Business


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