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Book Testimonials

Discover the 10 principles that leaders need to navigate the new world of AI, automation and algorithms








“Provocative, powerful, and full of actionable wisdom. The Algorithmic Leader is a tour de force of ideas and insights from global pioneers who are challenging the status quo and reinventing organizations. Mike Walsh has produced a must-read for every leader and entrepreneur in this digital age.”
Daniel Hulme, Founder & CEO of Satalia

"This book first made me deeply uneasy, and then deeply inspired. Like you, I wrestle with how best to thrive as our world grows increasingly complex and confusing, a world where the simple rules just don’t work anymore. Mike Walsh’s ten principles, distilled from real-life experience and deep thinking, point the way forward."
Michael Bungay Stanier, author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller The Coaching Habit

“Great companies are built on culture. Mike Walsh’s prescient vision of the algorithmic company of the future is no robot army of soulless analytics dashboards, but a living, breathing organism—a community of humans who respond to motivation beyond compensation; purpose and impact; decision-making and autonomy; location and collaboration. A worthy read.”
Brian Halligan, Founder & CEO of Hubspot

“Mike Walsh provides an interesting and informative look at our future, which will be defined by algorithms and artificial intelligence. The underlying technologies may seem complex, but the message for business leaders is simple: use the new tools to enhance your skills—or become roadkill.”
Vivek Wadhwa, Distinguished Fellow, Harvard Law School, Labor and Worklife
Program and author of The Driver in the Driverless Car

“Mike Walsh’s years of talking to the world’s technology leaders have given him unusually deep insight into the ways in which technology will change our world. Now he has written a powerful book that enables the rest of us to gain that insight. This book will change the way you think. Full of rich examples and great quotes, it is like a hyperspeed trip into the future that will give you a whole new perspective on your industry and career.”

Melissa Schilling, author of Quirky and Strategic Management of Technological 



The Modern Spive

Whether you’re seeking a keynote speaker for a conference, a facilitator for a strategy workshop or a fresh perspective for a boardroom discussion, Mike's presentations act as a powerful catalyst for innovation, ingenuity and inspiration.

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